Pros and Cons of Solar Energy- Must Read Before You Buy

There are so many pros and cons of solar energy user should be aware before making a final decision. The primary focus is for you to decide whether to invest in solar energy. Solar energy is a new invention that uses the sun as the source of energy. It is fast growing since it does not use fossils to generate power.

Unlike the previous electric power, solar energy does not require a monthly payment of power bills. Installations of solar energy have become rampant as people are installing it with the hope of reducing the costs of electricity. Solar power has its advantages and disadvantages that I will elaborate more.

Advantages of solar energy


  • Best alternative
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Efficient

Disadvantages of solar energy

  • The cost of setting up is relatively high
  • The materials to set this up are not easy to find
  • You must also have a backup electric plan just in case something happen

The Pros of Solar Energy

Solar energy is considered the best alternative since it is reliable, affordable, and efficient in energy production. An advantage is that you can still use it even in areas that do not receive much sunlight. The benefits of solar energy include:

Solar energy is free energy since its source is the sun. Compared to standard electricity, solar power does not require any monthly bills, and its consumption is for a lifetime. The costs incurred when using solar energy is the installation fees that you pay at the beginning. This helps in saving costs.

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Solar energy is renewable and can be used continually. The earth continues to receive solar radiation; hence there is no need to worry about the energy finishing up. Solar energy is environmentally friendly and does not cause any pollution in the environment, unlike traditional electricity, which requires the use of fossils fuels. It is also widely available as the sun shines in each part of the globe. It does not matter the location in the globe; solar energy is available.

The Cons of Solar Energy

There are various reasons hindering the use of solar energy. The cost of setting up is relatively high, and its reliability on the sun makes people stick with traditional electricity. The cons of the use of solar energy include:

It is expensive to purchase the equipment needed to set up a solar panel. The high cost is contributed by heavy competition from oil and coal companies that earn billions annually. The materials used in manufacturing solar panels are expensive and rare. Solar energy also requires space during setup, which deters people from purchasing it. For example, large buildings have to use most of their roof to set up the solar panel with the aim of capturing as much sunlight as possible to power the facility.

Solar panels are not as reliable as they work only when exposed to sunlight. This means that at night it will not be drawing any power. There are also certain seasons when the sun is not bright, and the sunlight is low; hence you should not rely on it. Solar panels are too fragile and not easily transported. One mistake can affect the whole solar energy system.

Start Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

Solar energy is promising technology advancement and is cost-saving. However, the initial cost is high. The good news is that once you install solar power, you will reduce electricity spending, hence saving over a long period. It is important before investing in solar energy, you first look at the advantages and disadvantages and decide if it is worth the investment.