How to Setup WordPress website: Simple Beginner Guide

How to setup WordPress website does not require technical skills. WordPress is among the major content management systems. There are different ways to install WordPress, you need to know them so that it can be easy to install the system in case you would like to design a website.

how to set wordpress site

There are several ways you can install WordPress, it is upon you to research the several methods available out there then decide on the best.

One of the best methods you can apply to easily know how to install WordPress sites is to choose a host that comes with pre-installed WordPress. Host such as BlueHost, HostGator, and Hostwinds are among those who offer a one-click setup.

In such a case, you will not have to struggle a lot before you can get it installed. The second option involves installing WordPress via auto-installers or Cpanel. Others prefer installing WordPress via FTP or installing WordPress on your computer. Below we are going to explain the different steps you can take to install WordPress:

How to Installing WordPress manually?

This process may require some skills and it may take longer than the first method that we explained above. To install WordPress manually, you need to get the WordPress file then download and start installing. The simple steps you will follow are outlined below:

Step1: Downloading WordPress

You can visit and download the latest version of WordPress.

Step 2: Upload files to the public HTML folder on your Hosting

After you have to download the files. They will come in zipped file format. Ensure you unzip them then upload them to the public HTML directory.

Step3: Creating MySQL database and user

You need to create the MySQL database and the user so that you can have a WordPress account after installation.

Running the WordPress install

To run the installation, you can click on the installation prompt and it will start installing. It is a process that takes a few minutes to complete.

1. Choosing a host that comes with WordPress

You can make your work easy when it comes to installing WordPress by choosing a host that comes with pre-installed WordPress. You will not have to worry about how you can install WordPress if you choose a host that comes with pre-installed WordPress.

There are several hosts out there, you need to research around and locate the right host. You may have to take into consideration factors such as the price and the speed of the host.

Some of the best hosts that offer pre-installed WordPress are Bluehost and Siteground. For Bluehost, you will be charged $2.95 per month. For the case of site ground, you will have to pay $6.99. You need to check out the features available in a given host before you sign up if you would like to get a quick way to install WordPress.

In my opinion, SiteGround is the best option for a WordPress site

But, you can try BlueHost For 30 days if you change your mind

2. Installing WordPress via auto-installers and Cpanel

When you sign up for a given web host, you will be given access to the Cpanel. At the Cpanel, you can locate a feature referred to as auto-installer. The feature allowed you to install WordPress easily.

You will not be required to have a lot of information about WordPress, the auto-installer will allow you to input a few details and they will allow you to install WordPress.

There are several types of auto-installers available out there, you can get auto-installers such as Softaculous, Fantastico, QuickInstall, and MOJO Marketplace. There are some differences in the way the auto-installers work. You can easily figure it out. Some of the things you will be required to do include seeing information such as your domain name and the SSL certificate.

3. Installing WordPress manually

It is another method you can apply to install WordPress. To get started, you need to visit and downward the WordPress file. It will be downloaded in form of a zipped file. Unzip the file then upload it to your website via an FTP client.

The process will require you to have some knowledge. People who apply it are a bit experienced. It may take a lot of time, but it is the right alternative if you would like to do things manually.

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There are several FTP clients out there, you can use Filezilla. After you have downloaded the latest WordPress from and upload it to your web host, you should ensure you upload it to public HTML or a similar directory. At the MySQL Database, you will see create a new database option where you will proceed to click and create a database.

Name the database. Create a new user down the database options. Ensure you give the username all privileges. After the FTP file has completed the upload, you can proceed to the domain and check out the WordPress install wizard. Choose the language them proceed with the installation. Click on WordPress and you will install the content management system successfully.

4. Installing WordPress on your computer

You may like to create a sandbox where you will learn how WordPress works. You can do so by installing it on your local computer. WordPress will work just like any other WordPress out there but it will not be accessible to other people.

If you would like to create a local copy of WordPress where you can play around and get to know how it works, it will be easy to learn more tricks. WordPress has several features. If you can have it installed on your local computer, then it will be easy to learn the tricks from your local computer.

If it is your first time working with WordPress, then you better start with the auto-installer feature. It simplifies everything for you when working with WordPress. The auto-installer is easy to use and it will save you time in the long run. You will avoid common errors when you go for the auto-installer feature.

Final Verdict on Setting up a WordPress site

How to install a WordPress site shouldn’t be rocket science you can hosting services that are easy to set up, there are thousands out there but it’s important to check and see what they offer

WordPress is the best platform to go with If you are a content marketer or if you just starting online. Your primary goal will be to get yourself familiar with the platform. There are thousands of tutorial online that will guide you along the way

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