Godaddy Reviews: 2021 New Consumer Report Pros And Cons

You will find that Godaddy reviews from customers can sometimes send mixed signals. The real question is, is it worth trying?

There are several websites hosting companies out there. It is easy to get confused as you try to locate the best because of the several companies available out there.

GoDaddy website reviews

GoDaddy is among the best companies you can try if you would like to get the best results as you try to host your website. The company is known as the best domain registrar. Their solid uptime and reliable customer support make many people prefer them.

Those looking forward to saving money can opt for the economy plan from the company. They have several features that make many people prefer the company over others.

Here are some of the features that make GoDaddy stand out when looking for a hosting company:

Godaddy Hosting Reviews Overview

  • Great performance and fast page load
  • Easy to set up with just one-click application install
  • WordPress friendly, you can set up your WordPress website from your Cpanel
  • cheap plans, you will always find coupon or discount to use with your desire hosting plan
  • 30 days money back guarantee

The Real Benefits of Using Godaddy website Builder:

1. 99.94% uptime

It is essential to ensure the company you hire for your hosting has reliable uptime. GoDaddy boasts of high uptime. There is no worry of downtimes that can lead to lost business. Many people take into account the uptime. They offer good reviews because of the reliable uptime. Even if at some times they can have downtimes, the downtimes always last for few minutes.

2. Fast Page Load Time at 531 ms

The company has a fast load time. It stands out in offering the fastest load time possible. When a website loads faster, it reduces bounce rates and can contribute towards better ranking on Google.

It is always necessary to look for a website host that can minimize bounce rate. GoDaddy has been proven over time to be highly reliable in assuring users the fastest load times. Several other factors can affect the bounce rate, but the fast load times play a great role.

3. 125+ One-Click Install Applications

Many beginners would not like to go the long way of writing scripts for their websites. They would like to get applications that can automate the whole process. The web hosting company supports more than 125 one-click applications.

You can choose from different applications that will work on content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. There are also several developer-friendly features such as Cpanel, Cloud Linux, MySQL, PHP, and python. People in different levels of web development find the company very reliable. They are known to offer top-quality services.

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4. Cheap Plans

If you would like to design a single website, the company has several cheap plans you can choose from. You can go for one plan that will work perfectly in making you enjoy saving money. There are some small projects where you do not require a lot of resources. In such a case, you can decide to go for the cheap plans, and they will work perfectly in allowing you to accomplish different projects.

They also have detailed plans that will require more features. The economy plan at GoDaddy goes at $1.00 per month. You will have to sign for at least a 12-month contract to get the deal. You may be wondering whether the low price can offer you any value; several features are available at the plan making it a great way to realize value for money. For example, you will get up to 100GB of storage and a free domain. They also offer other features such as the office 365 email for a low price.

5. 30 DAY money-back guarantee

If you would like to enjoy peace of mind, you need to try a web host with a money-back guarantee. For up to 30 days, you are free to try different features available on the website. They will offer you a full refund in case you realize the services do not work as advertised. They have been at the forefront in offering the best services. You can work with them to get the best deals.

6. Website migration

The company offers no free transfers. If you would like to move your website under managed migration, they will charge $99.99 per site. The migration will take a bit of time. For instance, you can wait for up to 10 days before they can finish the migration.

7. Free domain names

You can get free domain registration for the first plan. They have an offer to get a free domain after you sign up for the first time. For example, you can take advantage of their deal and enjoy a free domain for the first registration. They can offer up to 36 months of the free domain. The secret here is to sign up for a long contract for the first payment, and you will save money.

8. Payment methods

They allow a wide range of payment methods. All major credit cards are accepted at the company. They also accept PayPal making them easy to work with. Their sign-up process is simple and fast. You will easily figure out where to access different features after you decide to go for the company.

Cons of Using GoDaddy Hosting

There are few drawbacks you will face after you decide to go for eh hosting platform. Here are some of the things you may have to think twice:

  • The base plan has limited features.

The base plan is affordable but lacks the necessary features modern websites require. For instance, they do not have an SSL certificate, limited security features, no backups, and site migration requires an extra payment.

  • Lots of Upsells

The signup process has lots of upsells. You may not like some features, but they keep on advertising them during the signup process. They can lead you to buy more than you need.

Godaddy website reviews Final Thought

Is GoDaddy recommendable?

Yes, GoDaddy has several features that make it very reliable. You can host with them and your website. There are other alternatives you can try as well. For instance, Bluehost, Hostinger, and Dreamhost make good alternatives to GoDaddy.